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"Thank you so much for the advice and information. My sister is expecting a baby in September and I had already recommended the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump and your website for purchasing her pump.  I will continue to do so and add that the customer service I received from you was extraordinary." Thank you so much!  Carrie

"Hi! I recently purchased a Purely Yours breast pump from you and just wanted to let you know I am extremely satisfied with it. I started out with an Evenflo electric pump which took a long time to get anything out - not very much at that and made me really sore. A friend of mine, who is a LLL leader, told me to get one of these pumps and I am sure glad I did. It takes me no time at all to pump out several ounces at a time, which is great for the fast paced clinic I work at. This I feel is a great investment and will definitely get my money's worth out of it." Thanks! Angie

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Purely Yours breast pump.  With my last baby I borrowed a Med. PIS, and the Ameda Purely Yours is definitely a better pump.  It's so much more portable and convenient since the pump comes out of the bag.  I just love it!!!"  Thanks so much, Laurie.

"I recently ordered some breast pump accessories from breastpumps4less.com.  I frequently purchase items online and I have to say that my experience with you all was WONDERFUL!  I was amazed at the accuracy, efficiency and personalized service I received.  I think I ordered my items and had an e-mail waiting for me as soon as I logged off the site!  The order was shipped as promised and in perfect condition!  Too bad you don't sell everything...I certainly would visit you for all shopping needs!  As you know...a positive experience provides "word of mouth" advertising, which is the best kind of advertising a company can have!  Thank You VERY much!  Keep up the AWESOME work!"  Hazel

"I wanted to let you know how easy your company has been to deal with!  I bought my Ameda Purely Yours breast pump from you recently and I love it!  You had the best price anywhere I looked on the internet too...and believe me I like to shop around!  Thanks for providing quality customer service, it's so rare these days!  (Pardon all the exclamation points, it's so hard to convey emotion via e-mail without them!!)"  A Satisfied Customer, Michelle

"Hi, I purchased your Purely Yours breast pump back in August and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it.  I'm a milking machine - since my baby was born at the end of September, I've collected over 70 4-oz bags that I've frozen!  Anyway, I know two people with babies due in February, and I forwarded your web site to them.  I hope they purchase from you.  It seems silly to rent a breast pump when two months' worth of rental equals the purchase of the Ameda pump.  And since I plan on having one or two more children, I think this was one of the best investments I've made.  You can use me as a testimonial, if you'd like.  I'm a strong proponent of breastfeeding, and wish more women would do it.  But even if a woman can't breastfeed, at least she could pump and give the baby breast milk.  This is what my sister in-law did for 8 months.  Well, thanks for offering this breast pump for the best price I have seen at any website.  I don't know how you do it!"  Carolyn

"I received the Portapak baby carrier today.  I love it!!  Thanks for the breastfeeding tips and thanks for everything.  I will order these again from your web site as gifts for friends w/babies."  Ellen

"Hello, I just received your beautiful Teddy Bear Nursing Blanket!!  It is more than I expected.  Thank You!"  Victoria

"While looking over your web site, I noticed the comparison between the Purely Yours and the Pump & Style.  I have had the opportunity to use both.  I rented the Pump & Style before purchasing Purely Yours. HUGE difference.  Purely Yours had just gotten out in the market when I was needing one and I took a chance with no referrals.  Boy, was I glad!!  I have been very happy with mine and plan for it to take me on to my third child as well. Thank you for your time." Gretchen

"I love the Purely Yours Breast Pump!  I have a single electric Madela Little Harts and it isn't very good.  I don't get much milk out of it and the hose keeps clogging up with milk and its hard to clean out.  I'm glad I don't have that problem with this pump.  Its easy to use and to clean. Thanks for selling a great pump at a great price!" Allison

"FIRST let me say this is a great company to do business with. Kim's e-mails are friendly and she has great communication. The pump was sent out exactly when she said, and arrived right on schedule. SECOND, I give total RAVES about the Purely Yours breast pump. I have used about 5 different types of pumps in all of my years of nursing (Including the Pump & Style!) and I have found this one to be the best. The motor is quieter for work pumping, it is TOTALLY discreet for car pumping, the fact that it also takes AA batteries is so convenient, and I can adjust the suction way up (I need a lot of suction!) AWESOME EXPERIENCE WITH KIM! Highly recommend and I really can't say enough, so now I'll just shut up!" Thanks! Nicole

"Just thought I would send you a note to tell you how much better the Purely Yours pump is versus the Madella pump. I had being using the Madella pump as I had received it as a gift and I must say it does work better than the drug store pumps.  However now that I've said that, let me tell you why I have since bought the Purely Yours Pump.  First off it's much quieter and hence more discrete at work.  The added feature of being able to adjust the speed and the suction strength has allowed me to pump off much faster and eliminate the discomforts I was having with the Madella.  And finally the fact the Purely Yours pump doesn't allow the milk to back up in the tubing or the pump has been a real bonus (note: with the Madella, I dropped my pump unit with the milk bottle attached and the milk ended up getting into the pump unit). All this to say, Hollister makes an amazing pump!"  Thanks! Kathleen

"Dear Kim, I received the pump and have been using it for a while now. I was very timid about buying a pump that was not Medella. However...I LOVE this pump. It is wonderful. I have zero complaints. It is exactly what I need now that I am a working mom. Thank you so much for being so prompt and professional." The Jensens

"Kim, I received the breast pump yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition and was exactly as you described. I appreciate your kind service and will look forward to doing business with you again sometime. Thanks again!" Jamie

"Good Morning!  I just wanted to let you know that I received the diaper bag yesterday.  It is wonderful!!!  Everything I thought it would be and then some.  Thanks so much!"  Christa

"Kim, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Purely Yours breast pump on Tuesday. I am very satisfied with it thus far. It is very comparable to the unit I was renting from the hospital, and a lot less bulky. My son is having trouble latching on, so I have to almost completely replace him with the pump and bottle feed. I would recommend this pump to any nursing mother. Thank you for offering it at such a great price. The lactation consultant I am working with couldn't believe I got it at such a great price. That was their wholesale price. Their retail price was much higher. Hats off to you." Margie

"I wanted to let you know the breast pump is FANTASTIC. You saved my wife from collapsing from exhaustion by our voracious little eater. My wife was trying to keep up with our 5-week-old and was getting little to no sleep because we did not have a breast pump. The "Purely Yours" arrived at 4:08 PM and we had 3.5 ounces by 6:00 PM. Now I can give her a bottle at 11:00 PM while mommy gets some much needed rest. I have never seen anything this powerful and that is easy to clean. Our friend has a Medeela and wishes she had ours instead. Thanks Again!" Joe

"Hello! Just to let you know we received the pump on Saturday. My wife is very excited and happy with it. We finally returned our 'multi-million dollar' rental unit (they were not very happy!). Thank you so much for your promptness and helpfulness. We have told everybody who is pregnant about you. You should hear from several of our friends soon." Humberto

"Kim, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoy using the Ameda breast pump. It's so much quieter than the Medeela single pump I was using before. I pump so much faster also! I tell all of my nursing friends that they should buy a pump instead of renting. It's more economical!" Lillian

"Thank you, Kim. The pump is wonderful. You made something I was very nervous about (purchasing over the internet) into a very positive experience. Best of luck in the future. If you need anyone for a testimonial, please keep me in mind. Thank you again." Tracy

"Kim, I received the pump last weekend.  I LOVE IT!  A friend let me borrow her Pump & Style until mine came, so I was able to compare and I must say, Purely Yours is better! Thanks for sending it right away!" Kim - Pontiac, MI

"I saved over $100 and received my product quickly after ordering. Thank you Kim for making my first internet buying experience a pleasant one!" Julie - Colorado Springs, CO

"My wife loves the Purely Yours breast pump and the great price!" - Robert - Katy, TX

"Thanks Kim for the awesome customer service!! Absolutely no delay in receiving my product. I hope to do business with you again!" Suzie - Riverbank, CA

"Thanks for the awesome customer service. I am very pleased with my Purely Yours breast pump!" Melissa - Sandy, UT

"My pump arrived promptly, as promised. Really handy item! Thanks!" - Camille - New Orleans, LA

"Kim is wonderful to work with. My memory isn't very good when I am expecting. She e-mailed me quickly and was always very kind. Would do business with this company again. A++++." Macy, Hamilton, MI

"I love my breast pump - it is very nice!" Jeanne, Denver, NC

"Highly recommend this Ameda breast pump and company. Fast e-mails and quick delivery. Thanks!" - Dawn - Belle Mead, NJ

"Thanks for the great pump, fast transaction & shipping. A++++" Sherri - Plymouth Meeting, PA

"Everything went as advertised. I'd do business with your company again!" - Boris - Sudbury, MA

"Awesome experience - I got my package quickly without a hitch." - Shannon - Redwood City, CA

"We are VERY PLEASED with the "Purely Yours pump". Your company is excellent to deal with!" - Jamie - Alta Loma, CA

"Kim, I received the pump and it works great! - Better than the Med. Classik I've been renting! Thank You So Much!" Sincerely, Amanda

"Hi - I am so happy that I made business with you. It was a real pleasure. I will recommend you as a great honest company and your product, the Purely Yours breast pump - it is the best! Thank you very much. I'm enjoying breast feeding." Rebecca

"Kim, I just wanted to let you know that the new pump is working out great! The pump I have borrowed until I got this one worked great too, but it didn't have the carrying case with the storage capability. This really helps me as far as time goes. When I go to pump, it is so easy to get started -- no pulling things out of bags and such. I can pump 8 oz and be back at my desk in just 15 minutes! It's wonderfully time saving! I like the extra collection and storage bottles too. Thanks!" Andrea

"Kim, I can not tell you what a life saver this pump has been! I had my baby on Tuesday and am having a real hard time getting him latched on correctly. I got home from the hospital yesterday and decided to try to pump for the next few days and give myself time to heal before trying to nurse again. With the Purely Yours pump I am able to keep up with his milk demands. Thanks again!" Misti

"Wow! You have been great to deal with. Thanks for the prompt shipping. You have the best price you can find. This Purely Yours pump is second only to the hospital pumps, and ten times better than the Med. PumpNstyle. Buy it!"
Josephine - Woodland Park, CO

"I received my Purely Yours Breast Pump yesterday, and I have to say I am very satisfied.  I used the Evenflo breast pump before and didn't really get too much while I was at work.  I've used the Purely Yours breast pump today at work and I had a Let Down Reflex as if my baby was latched on.  I am very satisfied and will recommend this breast pump to ever pregnant woman I know."  Thank you very much!  Nicole

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